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Water Exercise

Water Exercise

Come on in, the water's fine! Adults looking to challenge themselves without stress on their joints or members who just enjoy the water can take advantage of our different water aerobic classes. Gain muscle conditioning and cardiovascular endurance from the aeorobic choreography and the resistance of the water. Ideal for all fitness levels & non-swimmers. Water Exercise classes are FREE for Y members!


The YMCA of Greater Tulsa's water exercise classes include: 

Traditional Water Aerobics: This aerobically challenging class takes you through a variety of exercises that will get your heart pumping, focusing on suspension work, and using a variety of aquatic equipment for strength and toning.

Aqua Challenge: Get ready for the ultimate cardio challenge—in the water! Aqua Challenge uses high-intensity suspension and toning moves that make your workout a splashing success.

Aqua Jog: A no-impact class done all in deep water. Class participants wear aqua belts while doing exercises that promote cardio endurance, muscle strengthening and muscle toning.

Aqua Noodle: This class uses a noodle for water aerobics—for extra endurance and added fun.

Master Swim Team: Master Swim Team is intended for those adults who like to compete on a swim team. Coached workouts 3 mornings per week are provided by Lucas Meyers.

Power Up: This class is aerobically intense and provides a great cardio workout, and includes stretching and toning for all muscle groups. The class moves from the shallow end to the deep end of the pool for a more intense workout.

Prenatal Water Exercise: Expectant mothers enjoy this exercise class, which provides a gentle but thorough workout while letting them enjoy the freedom of the water.

Hinges and Twinges: This water class is for people who have arthritis, active older adults, and for those just beginning a fitness program. If the pool is closed during this class time, we have an in-classroom version designed for the same population.

Water Interval: This class gives you a more intense workout, and uses the resistance of the water to work large muscle groups. Water-jogging intervals and other high-intensity movements give you a great cardio workout. The class is mainly conducted in the deep end but does travel to the shallow end for part of the session.

Water Volleyball: Bring your A Game, and have fun playing water volleyball with us!


Lap Swimming

Lanes are first come, first served. Lap Swim is designed to be a workout, so we ask swimmers to share lanes and circle swim during their time in the pool. Please be courteous to your fellow swimmers, so everyone can enjoy the workout. Swimmers must be doing continuous laps during Lap Swim times. 

Resistance channels can be used at our Tandy, Hutcherson, and Owasso branches.