We have a new fitness tool at the YMCA that will take the guesswork out of strength training! EGYM combines state-of-the-art technology that incorporates electronic weight equipment that adjusts to your personalized settings while helping you keep a routine, and makes workouts fun! And EGYM is a FREE member benefit for all YMCA members!

How it Works

During your orientation, a Y staff coach will give you your free wristband and walk you though a strength assessment to find your optimal resistance setting. Your coach will also set the machine to your proper range of motion. After this initial time through with a coach, you are good to go! It’s just that simple!
Next time you work out, tap your EGYM wristband on the marked area, and machines will automatically set the weight level and range of motion for you! The smart equipment will adapt and progress you through a workout with an interactive screen. And all of your workouts are logged in an app without any work needed!
Whatever your wellness goals, reach them with EGYM — a new, personalized and full-body strength-training experience available only at the Y!


Individual goals require personalized workouts! Whether its muscle building, general fitness, or body shaping, EGYM can help you meet your targets. 


Every machine automatically
adjusts to you.


The circuit guides you through
the entire workout.


A short intro session is all it takes to use the circuit.