Storyteller Resources

Storyteller Resources

“For A Better Us” campaign: Uniting people and strengthening community bonds through programs and resources available at the Y!

THANK YOU! Thanks for being part of our campaign! When you make a donation to the YMCA of Greater Tulsa’s annual support campaign, the For a Better Us Campaign, you give more than money. You give opportunity to children and families that they cannot provide for themselves—opportunity to strengthen spirit, mind, and body in a community-centered, faith-based environment that is unique to the YMCA. Every donation touches a single life, creating a positive future for the children and families of our community. Here are just a few lives that have been changed by the YMCA of Greater Tulsa. For a better You. For a better Community. For a Better Us.

This page is your resource for all materials you may need out in the field while you are representing the YMCA of Greater Tulsa. Please contact YMCA Vice President of Mission Advancement Kyle Wilkes if you have any questions or need additional resources.

With your help we’re making amazing progress toward our 2021 Goal!! Thank you for everything you’re doing to support the community!

2021 Storyteller Training


Kyle Wilkes

Vice President of Mission Advancement