Herman and Kate in the 918!

What if I told you there will be a place in your very own backyard that can extend your life expectancy? According to the centenarians in the five Blue Zones of the world, there are nine secrets to a long and happy life. These Blue Zones are regions of the world where evidence shows people live much longer than average. The secrets shared by each of these Blue Zones are called the Power 9, and here in Tulsa you will be able to find them all at 1 place through 8 areas of access: the Herman and Kate Kaiser YMCA!

One striking commonality of these Blue Zones are their proximity to water. When you enter the Herman and Kate property, look to your left and right to find Mooser Creek. In the summer, the creek is perfect for campers’ exploration, and the scenic views never disappoint visiting hikers. But that is just the beginning! Grab a fishing pole and gear from the Lodge and let us see if anything is biting in Lake Logan! In the spring, the sound of the waterfalls over the dam permeate a peaceful yoga session overlooking the still morning water. And it is all found at Herman and Kate, which has already earned the affectionate nickname of Tulsa’s Backyard.

Just you wait, there is more still to go! The YMCA of Greater Tulsa has always had a great respect for water, and a little-known fact about Oklahoma is our state boasts over 11,000 miles of shoreline! And at the Y, we understand the importance of safety around water for our community. In 2019 alone, we taught 1,254 participants how to swim across our 7 natatoriums. Over 600 campers learned how to work together canoeing on Lake Logan. In 1968, we opened the pool at the west Tulsa campus and so our love affair with water continued. And fast forwarding fifty-three years to 2021, I have the pleasure to introduce to you the largest outdoor swimming pool in the area!

The pool at the Herman and Kate Kaiser YMCA will not be just any other pool. It is equipped with zero level entry, numerous play features, a 4-foot drop slide and of course, stretching across the pool, is an aquatic zipline! The pool will not only be a great getaway from the summer heat for our day campers, but also a beacon of safe, family fun to the community on summer nights and weekends. Plus, stay tuned for water aerobic classes, swim lesson options and family camping! Sitting right in the middle of our 30-acre campus surrounded by Mooser Creek, Lake Logan, and 400 acres of urban wilderness, you sure will not find another pool like this anywhere!

Come add years to your life at Herman and Kate in the 918!