Personal Training

Are you looking for consistency in your workout regime, motivation or more fitness knowledge? The YMCA of Greater Tulsa has over 40 Nationally Certified Personal Trainers ready to provide guidance, support and help you create and maintain a healthy habit path. To receive a consultation and get set-up with the right trainer for you and your health and wellness goals, contact our personal training director!

You can also click a specific trainer below to learn more about him or her and to narrow down your selection for what you are looking for in a trainer.

Liz Addison
Lakisha Banks
Kyle Bright
Marquelle Brown
Darienne Bullock
Carolyn Burns
Rachel Carroll
Brenda Davison
Kari Dilbeck
Ashlee Dorsey
Jen Estes
Sarah Fergerson
Paige Goforth
Tyron Hall
Jason Harrell
Amanda Haussman
Jamye Henderson
Julie Hensley
Richard Hershey
Emily Hunt
Brittney Hudson
Toni Jackson
Noah Johnson
Hope Lindsey
Chris McNeil
Emily Morris
Yaz Murray
Tiffany Nrider
Lori Petersen
Lonnie Price
Kelly Roark-Belcher
Kelly Ryan
Amelie Seneker
Angel Shaffer
Andrew Tipton
Doug Townsdin
Cheryl Tubbs
Leslie Ward
Rebecca Williams
Janet Wilson
Kitty Wilson