Herman and Kate in the 918

Braver, Stronger, Smarter Together

Today as I walked through the construction site of the soon to be completed Herman and Kate Y, I could almost hear the splashes of water from the pool and the squeak of sneakers in the gym. I could feel the excitement around the lodge

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Treadmills to Trails

The longest living people have been discovered in 5 different areas across the globe, collectively referred to as Blue Zones. And all these Blue Zones have 9 things in common. The YMCA of Greater Tulsa is creating a wonderland right in Tulsa’s Backyard that includes

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Herman and Kate in the 918!

What if I told you there will be a place in your very own backyard that can extend your life expectancy? According to the centenarians in the five Blue Zones of the world, there are nine secrets to a long and happy life. These Blue

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